Once upon a time in Europe ...

The project aims that students are familiar with the European history in art and in tales and in mythology and acquires skills in creating art and writing tales. Traditional and modern techniques in art production (cave paintings with coal from stone age as well as Picasso with cubism or Michael Köhlmaier with modern tales) will be practised to discover the possibilities of art and tales in progress. To our opinion comes the value and the understanding of the beginnings of European cultural heritage also from a creative engagement and application in art and writing. The end product is a huge panoramic picture in Austria with all the pictures and a booklet with our tales and stories artistically processed - comparable to a cave painting of the Stone Age, but with our own created mythology and our tales. To develop together basic skills in art history, mythology, art expression, writing tales, art design will be a challenge and a opportunity, to practise alternativ and new methods in teamworking.
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