Hungarian meeting in October 2019

6th to 11th of October 2019 - Pecs, Hungary After we successfully arrived on sunday at our respective host families, we started on monday morning with the first program in the week. With a great welcome ceremony including choirs and string quartet, we explored the entire city on the first day with the help of... Weiterlesen →


meeting in Spain 19th-24th of May 2019

Spain, Erasmus  Art & Tales Project Do you know how strong the sunshine is in Spain in May? Well, our smiles were even brighter when we -Edit, Péter, Boróka and me- found out we are the chosen ones to this trip. Personally I didn't know what to expect, but luckily everything happened so quickly I... Weiterlesen →

workshop JapanARAB art&tales

On the 7th and 8th of March 2019 a workshop on Arabic and Japanese tales and illustrations took place in Akademisches Gymnasium (Austria). Tales from these cultures were read, analyzed, reworked and illustrated. The workshop leaders and 4 young people from Bulgaria and Bosnia & Herzegovina were invited by ART & DEVELOPMENT (Art and cultural... Weiterlesen →

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